TikTok Bans Content Creator Who Buried Himself Alive

TikTok has taken action against the profile of Nigerian content creator, Young Cent, for burying himself alive for 24 hours.

The daring act garnered widespread attention on social media, sparking both fascination and concern among viewers.

Before commencing the extreme challenge, Young Cent took to his Instagram handle to confirm the authenticity of the impending feat.

However, TikTok swiftly intervened, deactivating the entertainer’s profile due to violations of the platform’s community guidelines.

The decision to restrict Young Cent’s account came as a response to the platform’s strict policies regarding content that may pose a risk to the safety and well-being of individuals.

In the aftermath of the suspension, Young Cent addressed his followers through a video posted on his new TikTok account, created shortly after the conclusion of the controversial stunt. In his message, he urged his audience to join him on his new channel, @youngcententertainment2, to stay updated on his activities.

“It appears my previous TikTok profile has been deactivated, and I’ve established a new one under the handle ‘@youngcententertainment2’. I implore everyone to connect with me promptly. Help me reach a milestone of 1000 followers so I can initiate live updates and keep you all informed,” he stated in his plea.