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Socialite Amber Ray lights up social media with nude shoot

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Kenyan socialite and video vixen Faith Makau aka Amber Ray yesterday turned a year older and what better way to celebrate than to go all out?

A week to her birthday, the vocal vixen treated herself to a nude photo-shoot that she posted on her Instagram page, sending fans into a frenzy.

The mother of one who constantly preaches on self-love and confidence treated her fans to steamy pictures of herself with nothing on but rose petals, encouraging netizens to live their lives to the fullest and not worry about other people’s opinions.

“To some I’m the petals in the rose flower, and to others I’m the thorns in the rose flowers, but as for me, I just live my lovely life. Full of ups and a few downs, but I know the downs are just a break from the ups. To anyone who’s down right now, don’t forget to be yourself, and the highlights of your life are seasonal, so are the downs. Just breathe and make sure I see you on my birthday. Happy new month.

“I am wild and I’m daring. I go for what I want because once upon a time I was a prisoner. A prisoner of people’s opinion, I was so jailed that I almost needed people’s permission to breath. No more! I live my life the way I want! I am happy and so should you! #amberthebrand,” she wrote.

In a separate birthday post the curvaceous lass went ahead to invite her fans to party with her at her birthday.

“I’ve always wondered why there is a cat woman hero and there is no dog woman. I’ve also wondered why people call each other mbwa, as an insult. If you have spent time with a dog, you would know that they have the most beautiful soul in the world. Better than most of our exes. Happy birthday Amber!”

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